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Krebs Cycle Activator & CREndurance 165gr SCN

Krebs Cycle Activator & CREndurance 165gr SCN
Krebs Cycle Activator & CREndurance 165gr SCN
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Multi-Mechanism activation & Perfect Action Accuracy

One of the most researched formula our science team developed, working close with top athletes of several sports all over the world.

Our unique formula is especially designed to activate a great number of main and supportive mechanisms with absolute cooperation, so the athlete takes the best his body can give.

Our pharmaceutical grade ingredients and the hundreds of test we do, are the key so we know exactly how and when the formula works.

With more simple words, we give the athlete exactly what he needs when he need it.


100% doping free

Krebs Cycle Activator & CREndurance, as all of our products, is 100% doping free and safe to use by every athlete of every sport all over the world.

In SCN we do not use, store, process or handle ingredients which are banned and considered doping substances.

Our science team works with the best athletes worldwide and all that matters to us is the health and the career of all the athletes who trust us.


Our formula is designed to deliver plenty of benefits, all of them supported by hundreds of trials we make before we produce and sell our final formula.


Endurance Key Benefits:

  • improves VO2Max
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Improves Oxygen Transport
  • Increases Lung Function
  • Keeps a lower overall heart-beat diagram
  • Improves the recovery of heart beat
  • Reduces the ATP-PCr resynthesis
  • Activates Mitochondrial Function
  • Increases the reaction speed of Krebs Cycle chemical reactions
  • Provides the main substances Krebs Cycle needs 
  • Increases Glycolysis
  • Increases Nitric Oxide blood Levels


Other Sport Key Benefits:

  • Keeps Testosterone Levels high During Training
  • Improves Hormone Synthesis during & After Training
  • Improves Power & Strength
  • Improves Reaction Time
  • More sets & Reps with lower set-stop
  • Improves Recovery 
  • Improves Mood & Mind Concentration
  • Improves the CNS-Muscle coordination
  • Improves Balance & Kinesthesia
  • Reduces Excess Post-Exercise Ammonia


42 full supplements in 1 box

Krebs Cycle Activator & CREndurance, as all of our products, includes full dosages of effective ingredients.

Most of sports nutrition brands, use low dosages or even traces of ingredients, just to write them on the label and trick the customers.

We provide 42 whole products mixed in 1 box, so when you buy Krebs Cycle Activator & CREndurance, you buy 42 boxes of supplements, you also buy research, real trials on athletes, you buy science and you can be sure that the product you buy is safe and effective and will definitely help you reach your sport goals.

Nutrients per recommended daily dose:

IngredientPer dose (16,5 g)*%NRV
Creatine HCL1,36 g
Creatine ethyl ester malate1,36 g
Creatine nitrate1,36 g
L-Citrulline DL-Malate810 mg
L-Citrulline540 mg
Calcium pyruvate


540 mg

83,7 mg

L-Arginine AKG540 mg
Beta alanine540 mg
Betaine HCL540 mg
L-Carnitine tartrate540 mg
Sodium diphosphate


540 mg

113,4 mg

D-Aspartic acid540 mg
Vitamin C540 mg675%
Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q10)430 mg
Rhodiola rosea dry extract



380 mg

22,8 mg

10,45 mg

Inositol330 mg
L-Taurine270 mg
Glucuronolactone270 mg
Cordyceps sinensis dry extract


270 mg

18,9 mg

Creapure®- Creatine monohydrate270 mg
Creapure ® PH10- Creatine monohydrate, sodium bicarbonate270 mg
DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol)270 mg
D-Ribose270 mg
L-Methionine270 mg
Magnesium bisglycinate


270 mg

54 mg 

L-Ornithine AKG270 mg
Testofen®- Fenugreek dry extract 


220 mg

110 mg

Choline bitartrate


160 mg

64 mg

Niacin140 mg NE875%
Cinnamon dry extract 15:1110 mg
Anhydrous caffeine110 mg
R-Ala (Alpha lipoic acid)50 mg
Pine bark dry extract


50 mg

47,5 mg

Grape seed dry extract 


50 mg

47,5 mg

Vitamin B1250 µg2000%
Sensactive®- Panax ginseng & Rosa canina extracts30 mg
Ginseng root dry extract


20 mg

6 mg

Vitamin B610 mg714%
Pantothenic acid18,5 mg308%
Vitamin B114 mg1272%
Vitamin B216 mg1142%
Bioperine®- Black pepper dry extract


80 mg

76 mg

*NRV Nutrient Reference Value

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